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SNES-to-NES Controller Adapter

This little sucker probably doesn't need much explaination. It's use is pretty obvious at a glance, but I'll give a brief explaination just to give this page a little more meat for those wanting to know a little more.

I wanted to make an adaptor that would let me use Super NES controllers on my NES cause they're more comfortable in most people's hands than the original boxy NES control pads. The wiring is a snap. (More detailed information regarding this subject can be found here.) The toughest part was making a simple case to house the innards, which wasn't really that hard at all. I just gutted an old RF switch and used the plastic casing. (Who really uses that RF crap these days anyhow?) Not much else to say about it. The pictures should pretty much explain anything I might be leaving out. It's a relatively simple project for any first-time NES modder.