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PCB Skull Bracelet

I originally used this method to etch my skull-esque circuit design on a small board, cut it to size, added a little wire and some AV plugs for a "clasp", and what resulted was the geekiest piece of jewelry I own. It ended up getting linked from BoingBoing, I Want Your Skull, Gizmodo, MAKE, Skull-A-Day and possibly others I don't know about yet.

There was more than enough demand for these silly things to convince me to make more. Now I'm using the photoresist method to create the skulls, which produces cleaner results and saves a little time. These are created using nothing but electronic components and each one is manually cut, drilled, soldered and completely assembled by hand. As such, no two will be exactly the same.


I'm currently running low on materials to make these bracelets and cannot afford to create more for the time being. I may offer them again in the future once I've become a bit more financially stable, but for now I'm pretty much tapped out. Many thanks to those of you who are wearing one today!