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The Damn Skippy NES (Or "DSNES")

It was a dark and stormy night. Torrential rains chained me to the house against my will. Okay, so it wasn't torrential. ...Alright, fine. It wasn't even raining. I was bored one night and got the sudden urge to play some Tetris, so I blew the dust off the ole' NES and wrestled through a maze of wires trying to hook the beast up to my aging 13" television. I eventually conquered and leaned back to prepare myself for at least 20 minutes of sheer bliss. I pressed the power button, and... WHAT? I don't remember *blink blink blink* being part of the game! What is this unholy curse that has been unjustly cast upon my most beloved of video game consoles? I strugled into the wee hours of the morning in a feeble attempt to get a stable picture on the screen. Many of the other games seemed to be stricken with the same illness. Obviously unable to sleep, I began the quest for the holy Top-Loader NES. I was sure to be enjoying blink-free gaming heaven in no time! ...I was wrong. I lacked the funds needed to purchase one of these toys of the gods due to sellers asking ridiculous prices for them. Defeated, I retired to my bedroom with a bottle of painkillers in hand. As I was moments away from ending my own life, I had a revalation! I would build my own janky Top-Loader!
Three months, many headaches, and 4 case designs later... the "dsNES" is born.

The rest is history.
It's a fully-functional 8-bit NES with a rebuilt cartridge connector that solves a good 75% of the problems with the original NES, support for SNES controllers and even has psuedo-stereo sound! This was my first official project, so the casing looks awful and my workmanship under the hood is definitely questionable. It works nicely though and that's all that should matter.

Want to see some more pictures? Of course you do!