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CANCER v1 - "Braille"
(Custom Acrylic Nintendo Controll... er).

I needed something to work on between battles with the Leviticus project and coughed this thing up. Nothing terribly amazing, just an NES controller made out of some scrap plexiglass and a little love.

Opted to use a little thumb stick in place of the standard d-pad, which actually feels pretty good and works well. As for the back-lit logo, I just ripped it off the face of the original NES controller, glued it in place, threw a 150 ohm resistor in front of the 5v tapped from the system and plopped an LED in there. PIECE OF CAKE! The d-pad stick is a 4-direction tactile switch and the rest are your standard momentary tac switches which can easily be ripped from VCRs found on the street. Other than that, everything you'd expect to find in an NES controller; a 4021 IC and some 10K ohm resistors.