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MARCH 2011

Site resurrection/redesign
03/25/2011 @ 2:00AM

Hi there! Site's been down for a while, I know.
I intended to do a complete redesign but still haven't got around to that. It's still coming, just not too concerned about it at the moment.

So, what have you missed? Nothing. I have nothing significant to tell or sell you at this time. I have several projects I need to start and finish, still working full-time, still trying to catch up in the world of gaming. Way too many good games came out that I didn't get to fully enjoy because I was too busy doing other things. Plus, it looks like this year is shaping up to be a killer gaming year too! (Duke 4, Arkham 2, Gears 3, Rage, Skyrim...
jeez! Where am I gonna find the time for all this crap?

Anyhow, yes, I'm still alive and quietly working on things; things you'll eventually see.

For the time being though, you can always keep an eye on my YouTube channel. I update it on occasion with whatever I feel like.

Stay tuned!


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